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I find married women such a challenge and cant help wanting to fuck another mans wife, Over the last five years I have had many cheating wives of all ages, sizes and colour and I can tell you I have had loads of fun with them and now I am addicted to casual sex with these naughty milf’s and gilf’s. I just love women so much I don’t see why I should commit myself to any one lady when I can have all this truly delightful sexual encounters. I find there is some thing special about fucking a married woman so you can imagine my excitement when I came across Cambridgeshire Swingers, and all those lovely wives just waiting to meet me for NSA sex, the best thing about this website for me is no more risk of being court by the ladies husband as I give her a good shagging, I will never forget my first conquest from this site she is a Friendly swingers wife who was looking for sex in Huntingdon, Now being a Cambridge boy myself it wasn’t a problem for me that she didn’t live in my city, I looked through her profile and liked what I saw very much, she seamed such a nice sexy lady that I had to meet her. I contacted her and we arranged to meet the next day which happened to be a Saturday, I know of this really good coffee bar in Huntingdon so asked her to meet me there at 12 pm. It was a lovely sunny day and I enjoyed my drive up to Huntingdon being filled with anticipation for meeting this Friendly swingers wife looking for sex,

I arrived a little early so I ordered myself a coffee and sat out side taking in the hot sun and watching the people of Huntingdon go by, then I saw her walking towards my she was stunning, mid 30’s blonde with a gorgeous figure, she came over to wear I was sitting and said Hi, I asked if she would like a coffee or some thing to which she replied a coffee would be great, I stood up and helped her sit like the gentleman I am and then went to get her coffee, We sat chatting and hit it off right away, I could not take my eye’s of her gorgeous body, she could tell I was aroused but continued to flirt with me making me even more excited, after what seamed like hours she asked me if I would care to go back with her and well see what happened, Of cause I would I said and we left the coffee bar and headed for my car.

It was only a short drive to wear she lived which only took a few minutes, I parked my car in her driveway and followed her into the house, as soon as I closed the door she pounced on my grabbing at the buttons on my jeans to release my throbbing cock from his captivity, I had so much fun that afternoon with my Friendly swingers wife looking for sex, she was insatiable and so was I, I have kept in touch with her and we meet up regularly for some NSA sex which I always look forward to.

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